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We are the IT&T/HE or Information Technology and Telecommunications/Home Electronics company. We offer desktop and portable computers, servers and a lot of other kinds of equipment sales and support, software sales and support. Also we are outsourcing ourselves in the above mentioned fields.

To get price offer, please contact us mentioning by e-mail what exactly you need and want and we will prepare and send you the best offer we could get for you. We sell equipment and software from following brands (but that’s not all – feel free contact us for the brand that interests you and most probably we will be able to provide you with the offer):

  • Apple (desktop and portable computers, servers, software, MP3 players)
  • Microsoft (software, game consoles, games, mice, keyboards)
  • Intel (CPUs, motherboards, servers)
  • Hewlett-Packard/HP (desktop and portable computers, handhelds, Blade and Proliant servers, monitors, printers, scanners and other production)
  • Lenovo (desktop and portable computers)
  • IBM (servers, hard drives)
  • Acer (portable computers, monitors)
  • Asus (motherboards, video cards, bare-bone computers, portable computers, monitors)
  • Gigabyte (motherboards, video cards)
  • Sony (portable computers, video cameras, digital cameras, TV sets, game consoles)
  • Canon (printers, scanners, digital cameras, objective and other photo goods)
  • Sigma (digital camera equipment)
  • LG (monitors, computer components)
  • Nokia (mobile phones)
  • TomTom (navigation devices)
  • Samsung (monitors, TV sets, portable computers, mobile phones, hard disks)
  • Logitech (mice, keyboards, loudspeakers, web cameras)
  • Creative (sound cards, loudspeakers, MP3 players)
  • Apacer (memory cards, memory, MP3 players)
  • Nintendo (game consoles, games)
  • Kingston (memory cards, memory)
  • Seagate (hard disks)
  • Western Digital (hard disks)
  • Lacie (monitors, hard disks)
  • Adobe (software)
  • … and many more


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